People have different faces, which should be considered when fitting or purchasing a pair of eyeglasses. There is a perfect frame for everyone as long as it is matched to the person's face shape. The goal is to have a perfectly fitting pair of eyeglasses that also enhance physical appearance, rather than poor cosmesis. Some frames are wrong for some people’s face types.

It is easy to determine the shape of one's face. One way is to look in the mirror after drawing the hair back or away from the face. The contours on the face and overall shape will give a clue. There are seven primary face shapes with different frames to suit each person for the best look. These are oval, round, diamond-shaped, square-shaped, triangular, rectangular, and heart-shaped face shapes. The best outcomes involve contrasting the shape of the frame with the shape of the face, and the size of the frame should correspond to face size. Eyeglasses that do not fit a person’s face feel uncomfortable.

Types of Faces


This type of face has a full appearance where the height and width are about equal. The face doesn’t have many sharp angles. Therefore, round shapes for frames are discouraged. The best frames are those that make the face appear thinner and longer. These frames should be narrow from top to bottom and more angular. Cat-eye or rectangular frames that are wider from left to right are suitable. Frames for round-faced people should have a higher attachment to the front of the frame.


An oval shape is longer than it is wide, with the distance between the forehead and jawline being almost equal. The oval face is angular and proportionate and, therefore, very versatile with frame shapes. Most frames look good on an oval face. However, some look better than others, such as geometric shapes. Square, aviator, and rectangular frames are excellent with oval faces.


In a triangular face, the cheeks and jawline are farther from the forehead. The forehead area is narrow, while the bottom of the face is broad. Therefore, the ideal glasses should increase the width to draw attention to the top of the face. Suggested frames are noticeably stylish, have a conspicuous color or detailing such as rectangle or cat-eye. Frames with an upper rim that is darker are recommended.

Heart-shaped (inverse-triangle)

A heart-shaped face has a narrower chin, wider forehead, and high cheekbones. It is the opposite of a triangle-shaped face. The ideal frames should take the opposite side of styling a triangular face such that the eyeglasses must not be noticeable. Light frames such as wireframe or rimless with light colors are the best. Square, round, or rounded squares are the best shapes because they lengthen the face’s appearance and do not draw attention to the wider forehead area.


A square-shaped face has equal width and height, with the jawline being square or angular. Because the face is even, glasses that soften the angles to provide a more extended, more oval appearance are welcome. Oval or round frames that contain a lighter lower rim and darker upper rim are the best. The goal is to make the face appear longer.


This face is shaped like a diamond and resembles an oval face except that the jawline and forehead are narrow. This face is more angular because the chin and forehead have smaller sizes compared to an oval face. The cheekbones of a diamond-shaped face are pronounced. The right frames should draw attention to the eyes and soften the angles. Therefore, distinctive shapes or lines such as rectangle, oval, or cat-eye frames are recommended. The frames should help broaden the upper face. Frames with a darker lower rim should be avoided, while upper rim accents are recommended.


A rectangular face resembles a square-shaped face, except that it has a more extended appearance. Rectangle frames should be avoided. Oval, aviator, and round shapes are ideal for this type of face. Deeper frames help bring balance to the face shape. Frames with a temple attached to the frame front in the frame front’s middle to lower half are recommended since they enhance desirable physical appearance.