Sunglasses are an investment and a significant component of an active and often outdoor lifestyle, so they are subject to wear and tear.

Here are some caring tips for eyeglasses, sunglasses, sports eyewear and safety glasses:

Clean properly

Washing eyeglasses at least once a day is the best way to keep them looking great and keep the lenses in their optimal state. It removes the dust particles and dirt that stick to the lenses and wears them down over time. It also prevents lens scratches and other eyewear damage. 

Before cleaning eyeglasses, one must ensure their hands are free from anything that could be transferred to the lenses, such as dirt, grime, or lotion. One can use dishwashing liquid or lotion-free soap and a clean, lint-free cloth to clean their hands.

Always rinse the glasses off with lukewarm water before cleaning them because it removes tiny particles that stick to the lenses. If one prefers a chemical cleaner, they should use cleansers or sprays designed explicitly for eyeglass lenses. Avoid household cleaners because the chemicals tear off any coating on the lens.

Air drying is the best way to dry sunglasses because it prevents materials from getting on to lenses. Always use the microfiber cleaning cloth or a soft clean, lint-free towel to wipe them down for quicker drying. High-quality microfibers remove and absorb dirt, dust, fingerprints, or smudges. Never use household materials such as napkins, paper towels, tissue, or clothing that isn't 100 percent cotton to dry lenses. The materials have textured surfaces that will easily scratch the lenses.

Handle with care

Hold the frames by the piece that runs over the bridge of the nose when gripping the glasses. It prevents the frame from bending and distorting the glasses. Bent frames are susceptible to breakage, feel uncomfortable, and hinder clear vision.

Avoid wearing sunglasses on top of the head

Wearing glasses on top of the head might be fashionable, it can make one look ultra-cool, but it damages the glasses. It stretches the frames, damages the nose-pads, and loosen the screws holding up the sunglasses. They can also easily fall off in that position.

Protect against excessive heat

Exposing them to excessive heat, for example, leaving the glasses in the car during the day, can damage the lens coating and distort the frame.

Proper Storage

It's important to keep the glasses in a safe place when not wearing them. It protects the glasses from dirt, dust, scratches, and structural damage like bending or breakage. A sturdy glasses case provides excellent protection. Microfiber pouches are perfect for reading glasses and other glasses used for indoor activities.

Other sunglasses care tips

  • Always place down the glasses with lenses up to avoid lens damage.
  • Keep an eyeglass care kit handy with all the essentials, such as cloth, screwdriver and lens solution.
  • Check glasses regularly to ensure the screws are tight; use the screwdriver to tighten any loose ones gently. The local optical store can also help to tighten them or with any other concerns.
  • Use both hands to put on or take off the glasses. It prevents the frame from bending and being deformed.
  • Never put the glasses without a case in the purse, pocket, or any other bag. They can easily be scratched or damaged by items like coins, keys, cards, combs, phone, etc.

The better maintained and cleaner glasses are more comfortable, have minimal eye strains, and the vision is crisper.