A white or grey opaque ring at the periphery of the cornea just within the sclerocorneal junction. It appears later in life with frequency increased after age 50, but very rare at birth (Forman, 2016). It begins as an arc of color on the corneal boundary before making a complete ring around the cornea. The ring gives the iris the appearance of two different colors (actually a discoloration in the cornea).

Also Known As

  • Senile Arcus
  • Arcus Lipoides
  • Arcus Corneae
  • Anterior Embryotoxon
  • Arcus Adiposus
  • Corneal Arcus
  • Arcus Juvenilis
  • Gerontoxon
  • Linea Corneae Senilis
  • Lipoidosis Corneae
  • Arcus Senilis Corneae