Alcohol Abuse Questionaire

C Cut Back
A Annoyed
G Guilty
E Eye Opener
  1. Have you ever tried to quit drinking for a period of time and started back in a day or two?
  2. Do you resent people telling you what to do about your drinking or voicing their concern?
  3. Have you tried to alter your drinking behavior by switching from one form of drink to another? i.e. hard liquor to beer, beer to wine, wine to beer, etc..
  4. Do you ever need a drink to get started in the morning or to stop the shakes?
  5. Are you envious of people who drink without getting into trouble?
  6. Have there been problems connected with your drinking in the past year?
  7. Has your drinking caused problems within your household or with your significant others?
  8. Do you ever drink to prepare for a party or get extra drinks while there?
  9. Do you tell yourself you can stop drinking when you want, but continue to get drunk when you don't mean to?
  10. Do you miss days at work or school because of your drinking?
  11. Do you have blackouts when you are drinking?
  12. Do you ever feel that your life would improve if you did not drink?